Adrian Mutu has faith in the son of GheorgeHagi

GheorgeHagi was considered to be one of the best players in the world between the years of 1980 and 1990. Hagi is even hailed to be the best Romanian player ever and now his 16 year old son is following his footsteps.

IanisHagi the son of GheorgeHagi and at the young age of 16, he is already being viewed as a promising figure who can turn into one of the greats just how his father is.

Ianis has been signed by the Italian side Fiorentina as this was confirmed by the former player of Fiorentina, Adrian Mutu.

Adrian Mutu confirmed the signing of IanisHagi as he said: ‘“Hopefully he is the future of Fiorentina. He has all the right qualities; hopefully he can do even better than I did. I spoke to his father and told him that they have made the right choice. In Florence they have everything they need to grow at the rate they should. Hopefully he’ll soon be playing in the Serie A, but it depends on him and working hard enough to be able to play in this league.”

Viitorul is a Romanian club and it has been where IanisHagi has been performing but will be leaving as Fiorentina signed the 16 year old player for a transfer fee of €1 million.

Adrian Mutu spent over 3 years performing for Fiorentina and it’s the club where he managed to score 50 goals. There is no doubt that the best years of the playing career of Mutu were made during his time at Fiorentina but Mutu is expecting IanisHagi to do much more as the young player and son of the Romanian great, GheorgeHagi has everything needed to become the next legend.