25 thoughts on “Argentina – Romania World Cup 1990 in Italy 1st half

  1. @scotianu09 Bullshit, Hagi really was great, but what has maradonas personal life to do with his abitlity on the field? Nothing. Maradona was the best ever.

  2. Hage was a great player with a good vision, technique and a kind of genius. But maradona was even better and more genius. He had a better physique at his peak and was far better goalgetter. He also helped his team in the defense and did various passes and dribblings.

  3. @williewillsf He didnt do evereything by himself in Mexico, and for sure not in Italy.
    Argentina played very well in 86, and there were good players. Maradona was the best of course, but without a solid team he wouldnt win the World Cup. In 90, Argentina played a poor football, and they were vey lucky to achieve the 2nd place. Maradona was injured during this World Cup.

  4. Poor Maradona he didn’t have anybody to play with, it was just Maradona and nobody good on his team. It’s very hard to do it all by yourself but he did do it by himself in Mexico and came close to more but lost in the finals. He’s UNBELIEVABLE, miss watching him so much.

  5. Like I said the pressures to be the best player takes an amazing toll whether its alcohol drugs, etc. We cannot judge, we dont know what was done to keep at that level. Its not fair either way. Im sure you wouldnt like it too.Besides who is to really judge??? a media that instead of educating their public instead of leaving them stupid is a worse crime these days

  6. @tine214 of course is fair because if you dont have a good personal life you cannot be a good sportive player, if Maradona not started to take drugs now he was the best football player not one of the best players of the world, it’s a little difference:P

  7. @scotianu09 I like Both Hagi and Maradona…its not fair to put their personal lives into it. But realize this, Maradona gave Argentina a World Cup and to have did it with his style of play and all the pressures that come with it, it is not that easy when you have to deal with a lot of people—some who dont have your best interests. Hagi could have did something special for Romania, but he could not do it alone.

  8. Hagi is better then Maradone because Hagi didnt ruined his personal life with drugs and sport life too like Maradona, that’s why Hagi is better then Maradona

  9. How come somebody says that haggi owned maradona in this game??!Maradona was the mind for everything Argentina did in this game with great assists even after being fouled 1000 times and even with a huge ankle injury!!Haggi didnt do anything..

  10. hagi better than maradona … true … and of course all the argentina people will say different .. so it’s okay… cause we don’g care!

  11. @SosoFifa Maradona owned Hagi………….Maradona was so quick and so smart, Hagi fell asleep and Maradona mugged him. Yellow card Hagi, Maradona the god of football.

  12. @SosoFifa Maradona owned Hagi………….Maradona was so quick and so smart, Hagi fell asleep and Maradona mugged him.

  13. @hans1066 He is the fastest player I have ever seen. I was at this world cup and no player was faster than him. What really surprised me was how skillful he was, people remember his speed but his skill unbelievable.

    An interesting fact about Caniggia in World Cups, when he played a full game in a World Cup match Argentina never lost.

  14. @hans1066 caniggia was a very fast player. he used to run the 100 meters at 11 seconds! wow freaking fast and dynamic player.

  15. Hagi was very succesful with this kind of “direct” free-kicks 4 years later… 😉

    Watch Romania – colombia 1994….

  16. @marianitoelrosarino: I agree. Maradona was that kind of player. He created this kind of magic with all the little moves. Best player ever… he was a complete football “superconductor”.

  17. people only remembered maradona assist to caniggia against brazil
    but this was actually his first assist that save Argentina’s from getting eliminated in first round

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