5 thoughts on “Argentina – Romania World Cup 1990 in Italy 2nd half (1)

  1. if Maradona was fully fit and did not play through numb killing injection, he will not be a runner up but champion again

  2. Thank you so much for adding Pedro’s goal. This was my favourite goal of Italia 90. And yes, El Moncho will always be remembered for his red card in the Final. He was a good solid defender and was just what Argentina needed in that campaign.

  3. Monzon will always be remembered because of the red card and his tackle against Klins”man” in the final game. Klinsmann exaggerated the tackle ridiculously. Monzon was actually Ruggeri’s replacement in 1990 because Ruggeri had some injuries. Monzon played solidly against USSR, Romania and Brazil.

  4. El gol de Monzon fue con un angulo cerrado al lado derecho del arquero, gran gol. Monzon’s goal was with a small angle towards goalkeeper’s right side, great goal for the difficulty. He played later in my home team Barcelona de Guayaquil, Ecuador. in 1991.

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