Gheorge Hagi’s managerial career has been an underwhelming one

GheorgeHagi is considered to be as one of the best players from his generation and from Romania as well.

Hagi was even compared to the likes of Diego Maradona as both of them had a fairly similar playing style and had a temperamental attitude.

The retired playmaker gained reputation for his outstanding skills as he was a player who could create goal-scoring chances and perform in different position around the pitch.

It’s no doubt whatsoever that GheorgeHagi had a very successful playing career but when it comes to his managerial career, it’s a completely different story as he recently abandoned the managerial position of his own club Viitorul Constanta due to a string of negative results.

Viitorul Constanta is the club that he founded back in 2009 and he took charge of the team on 2014 but he opted to no longer coach them after only being able to secure 2 points from their last 8 matches.

This is not the only disappointing managerial spell that GheorgeHagi as the Romanian figure has coached a number of different clubs and during the time that he spent in charge of other teams, most of the results that Hagi gained were either defeats or draws.

Before taking coaching Viitorul Constanta, Hagi was the coach of Galatasaray and he was able to snatch 8 wins, 6 draws and 10 defeats during his time as the head coach. (more…)


Current Head coach of FC Viitorul Constanța, Gheorge Hagi expressed his disappointment at his team for losing to Dinamo Bucureşti in the match on Monday, 4th April 2016. FC Viitorul Constanța lost by two goals to one and increased their poor run of games. FC Viitorul Constanța has not won any of their past five games. The team currently sits in fifth place in the Romanian Liga 1 champion group. On the other hand, Dinamo Bucureşti is in second place with a point behind league leaders.

The legend who turned 51 in two months ago, founded the club in 2009 after taking charge of the Romanian national team. He remains the owner and chairman of the club. The Galatasaray star retired in 2001 after a successful spell in the club. He moved to the club from Barcelona and has played for other top teams that include Brescia, Real Madrid and Steaua.

The experienced player was considered one of the best attacking talents in the continent when he played during the 1980 and 1990 era. He is believed to be the greatest Romanian footballer of all time. He won the Romanian football of the year award seven times. He is even regarded as the greatest footballer of his time. (more…)

GheorgeHagi punishes his player for wasting time

Many footballers and managers nowadays just focus on winning games at whichever cost that might be. Faking injuries, wasting time, claiming undeserved set-pieces are just a few of the methods that certain players try to do in order to give their respective teams advantage and win matches but there are a few exceptions to this growing tendency and GheorgeHagi is one of these exemptions.

The former Romanian midfielder retired from playing professional competitive football back in 2001 and he did not hesitate in starting a managerial career as he took charge of the Romanian national football team and has coached a number of different clubs.

Hagi is currently in charge of the Romanian club FC Viitorul Constanta and he showed that there still are managers who don’t like to use un-ethical tactics in order to win games. There was an incident which occurred not too long ago where FC Viitorul Constanta faced off with Astra Giurgiu and during this game, there was a player in the team of GheorgeHagi that decided to request medical attention in the middle of the game but Hagi believed that his own player was fine and the Romanian coach decided to pull his medical staff away as punishment. (more…)

Ronaldo has disapproved Neymar’s actions that led to his dismissal in a recent Copa America Match

Brazil soccer legend Ronaldo has disapproved Neymar’s actions that led to his dismissal in a recent Copa America match against Colombia.

Brazil lost the match 1-0 and there were a lot of tempers during the match. Neymar is widely recognised as the best player at the disposal of Brazil. His absence is widely seen as the reason for the team failing to win the World Cup 2014, but the Barcelona superstar was determined to end the misery by leading his team to Copa America success. This did not turn out to be the case after his dismissal was further worsened by a four match suspension by the Copa America committee.

Neymar showed violent behaviour that led to a dismissal with a straight red card. His actions were later deemed as overly aggressive and this later led to the ban. Ronaldo has appeared in several games for Brazil during his stellar career. He has almost single-handedly helped the national team win major titles like the World Cup. Neymar, meanwhile, has not lifted such a major tournament with the national team. Even though Ronaldo acknowledges that the Barcelona player is an immense talent, his actions while wearing the Brazil shirt is deemed unacceptable by any standards. (more…)

Adrian Mutu has faith in the son of GheorgeHagi

GheorgeHagi was considered to be one of the best players in the world between the years of 1980 and 1990. Hagi is even hailed to be the best Romanian player ever and now his 16 year old son is following his footsteps.

IanisHagi the son of GheorgeHagi and at the young age of 16, he is already being viewed as a promising figure who can turn into one of the greats just how his father is.

Ianis has been signed by the Italian side Fiorentina as this was confirmed by the former player of Fiorentina, Adrian Mutu.

Adrian Mutu confirmed the signing of IanisHagi as he said: ‘“Hopefully he is the future of Fiorentina. He has all the right qualities; hopefully he can do even better than I did. I spoke to his father and told him that they have made the right choice. In Florence they have everything they need to grow at the rate they should. Hopefully he’ll soon be playing in the Serie A, but it depends on him and working hard enough to be able to play in this league.” (more…)

Inter Milan have not won in the last seven matches

Inter Milan have not won in the last seven matches, but manager Roberto Mancini has promised a positive attitude from the players when they take to the pitch against Hellas Verona.

This match is a great opportunity for Inter to register their first win in the league after a month. Their opposition are struggling with the prospect of relegation with only 11 points separating them from the drop zone. They have been in decent run of form in recent weeks and the 2-0 win over Napoli is a perfect indicator of it. Despite this, Mancini is confident that his players will be able to perform in this difficult away match.

Mancini has come under pressure due to the club failing to hit the heights as he had promised upon taking over from Walter Mazzarri. There has been no improvement in results and it looks almost certain that the club will be finishing outside the top 10 if they continue on this poor run of form. Mancini has asked for more patience from the supporters and the club, but he may not get that patience for long if results do not improve. The fact that rivals AC Milan have recently overtaken them in the table and hold a three-point advantage makes things worse for Mancini. (more…)

Gheorghe Hagiis gets most Regard as Modern Footballer

Gheorghe Hagiis regarded as one of the greatest modern footballers from Europe. He has been involved in several forms of the game. After being one of the greatest players ever to grace the game, he has also been out of football as a coach and as an owner of a football club.

The Romanian was recently speaking about a number of aspects like his coaching career and the best player in the world right now. He recently took charge of Viitorul as the coach. This was his first coaching job since being in charge of Galatasaray back in 2011. During this period, he has been involved in a game as a club owner.

Hagi retired from the game as a professional footballer back in 2001. Since then, the game has witnessed several changes including the arrival of many top players. The likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, though, standout from the crowd. When asked about the best player between the two, Hagi said that he likes both of them, but he does have the preference for Messi given that he is a left footed player. This is becauseHagi himself was left footed. The 50-year-old is one of the few players to have played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid. (more…)

Gheorghe Hagiis is best Romanian Football Player

Gheorghe Hagiis regarded as one of the greatest players in Romanian football and rightly so. The 49-year-old lifted several titles including two Romanian titles and also reaching the final of the European cup in the 1988/89 season with Steaua Bucharest.

Now, he is the manager of FC Viitorul Constanta. The club recently took on FC Botoșani in a league match and they were trailing 2-1 going into the final minutes of the match. Rather than go for an experienced name in the search for an equaliser,Hagi brought his son –Ianis Hagi – into the frame at just 16 years of age.

His debut has been spoken with a lot of excitement especially given his father’s pedigree.Gheorghe Hagi, though, has revealed that the response surprise in seeingIanis Hagi make his debut for the club. (more…)

Gheorghe Hagi-ill Only Watch Romania On TV As A Form Of Protest

Former Tottenham midfielder Gica Popescu has been sentenced to prison for three years for tax evasion and laundering of money.

His former team mate Gheorghe Hagi has said that he would not attend Romania’s international matches in person. He has said that he had no intentions or desires to go and watch the matches of the national team while his former team mate Gica Popescu was behind bars. Gheorghe is a midfielder who was at its best at the world cup of 1994 and also told the local media that the local football authorities had not doing anything much considerable to save and help the former captain of Romania. Not watching the international matches in solidarity is a form of his protest.

Some of the Romanian team members along with Gheorghe had gone to pay a visit to Gica. They wanted to express their best wishes and support on his birthday. Gica has been sentenced in prison for a term of three years and a month. As told by a former defender for Romania, Daniel Prodan, he was very happy to see them and know that they were there for him. It was a way of showing and telling him that he has not been forgotten and that they were all there right beside him. Gica had a very flourishing career. He had been named the player of the year in Romania six times. It is believed that soon he was also going to become the president of the domestic football federation. He was among some of the favorites. It has come to the news that Gica along with seven more people were connected to the game that was guilty of damaging the state. It was almost a sum of 1.7m Euros in unpaid taxes and hand in hand several clubs had lost 10m Euros. This was because the officials had registered false sums of money for the transfers of almost 12 players between the time period of 1999 and 2005.

Real Madrid Aims For Major Star Signings

In this summer transfer window it seems like Real Madrid is attempting to sign all the major stars around the globe as the Spanish club is constantly being linked with: Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez and even Paul Pogba.

James Rodriguez was not such a well-known player compared to Paul Pogba or others, but the Colombian attacker has made his presence felt as he displayed world class abilities which helped his country in advancing through the group stages of the 2014 World Cup. The 22 year old player managed to score in every single match he played at the international stage for Colombia and this has sparked the interest of clubs around the world.

The father of James Rodriguez, Wilson James Rodriguez has already revealed that the promising star is interested in playing for Real Madrid as he told reporters.

“Since he was very little he was saying he wanted to play professionally in Spain because it is similar to Colombian football, with great technique. They have players such as Ronaldo. For the style of football, he prefers Real Madrid. James aspires to achieve great things. Zidane was his idol when he was playing for Real Madrid.” Wilson James Rodriguez stated.

Real Madrid recently confirmed their interest in signing the Colombian star but it still remains unclear as to how the negotiations are going concerning the agent of James Rodriguez.

The Spanish club is also being linked with Toni Kroos and reports continue on being spread around and they are claiming that the German midfielder has already agreed on transferring to the Santiago Bernabeu but an official announcement is expected to take place within the next few days.

If all of these rumors are indeed true and Real Madrid is inching their way closer on signing all of their summer targets, the club is preparing themselves with some of the best players available on the transfer market and they are not holding anything back as Madrid wants to win it all in the next season.