Gheorge Gives His Opinion About Romania

With the Euro games going on, most countries see their champion players and former legends, offering advice on how their country is performing, what strategies they need to take, how to improve and so forth.

For Romania Gheorge Hagi is a revered name. He has stated that Romania has definitely fallen behind the kind of performance that they used to put up on the international front before. This comment was made when his country ended the last game with a draw against Switzerland. The game was played in a fair manner, but Gheorghe had a lot to say. He stated that the game that Romania played needed to be structured well in the offensive side. The personality that the team projected through their game was important and it has an impact on the opposing team.

He stated that the two matches that the team played initially should be taken as a test. The game that they played with Switzerland was defended well and the game ended in a fair manner. They now need to beat Albania in order to qualify for the further rounds. The team lacks the strategies to attack and this could turn out to be a weakness of the team. The same needs to be worked upon. He stated that the team had a feeling of inferiority about them which needs to be removed. They need to be given the confidence to be aggressive in order to be able to deal with the forthcoming games. The players definitely have personality and they need the right guidance. If they are able to lower the Swiss, they will be able to feel better about themselves and that would help them to get the confidence to be offensive and to score more goals to win.