25 thoughts on “Hagi – Best Goals Compilation

  1. I’ve never seen so many long distance goals from one player
    but still only a top 40-50 player ever (Puskas is top 6-7, and the best shooter)

  2. @theRUZYAN

    uefa 2000 – yes
    super cup -yes
    4 x turkey süper lig cup winner – yes
    best socer galatasaray- yes
    bad trainer – yes

  3. @Silv3r198 That’s true the players are at fault too, but Hagi’s substitutions sometimes are so wrong and the way he plays people out of position e.g. Cana centre back, Bogdan Stancu left wing etc…

    Anyway I hope he redeems himself by beating Fenerbahce today! I LOVE YOU HAGI <3

  4. @xItachiPwnsAllx Come one dude, it’s not entirely his fault. The galata players all have a wrong attitude. just look at servet cetin(who i guess is the most experienced) how many personal mistakes makes in one game :). That is not the manager’s fault.

  5. Amazing player but clueless manager. He is still managing Galatasaray, although we are having our worst season in history, just because he is Hagi. Anyone else would have gone 10 times over by now.

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