Hull city would “need a miracle” to stay up. That was current coach Marcos Silva speaking on the day he was given the baton to lead then rock bottom Hull out of the shadows of the EPL’s relegation zone.

And a miracle it almost was from turning a team that won just thrice in the 21 preceding fixtures to the one that won 6 out of the 7 succeeding home fixtures including a 2-0 win over Liverpool who was by the way chasing the title at that time; Marcos Silva definitely came close.

People who knew the Portuguese prior to his appointment won’t be as surprised as the rest of us given what he did with Portuguese side Estoril, a club where he retired as a player in 2011 and took up the mantle of leadership steering them away from the 2nd tier of the Portuguese league to the premier championship and even qualifying them for Europe.

The 39-year old has had it coming when it comes to making effective use of resources at his disposal no matter how small. And if even he came short of keeping Hull safe, his coaching abilities and man management skills haven’t gone unnoticed.

The Premier League is known for having a plethora of coach issues with mid-season firings often rife among clubs. A faced paced world of quick value for money has made sure of that. It is in that same world that coaches like Silva thrive, coaches that are capable of squeezing the best out of their wards.

That is why though Hull is going down, a good number of teams in need of such managerial quality are setting up spy camps around the shores of Yorkshire ready to offer the former Sporting Lisbon coach a way out of a drowning boat.The bidding wars are coming.