Romania aim for 2020

Bulgaria and Romania are both looking at the opportunity to host the Euro 2020 championships. They both will be the joint hosts in very much the same way as Australia and Switzerland hosted the Euro 2008, while Ukraine and Poland will also be doing the same thing when it comes to the Euro 2012. The European championships have been a great way of improving the infrastructure of the particular region, and it seems that Bulgaria and Romania have been showing a lot of interest towards doing the same in their regions as well. The decision to host the Euro 2020 championships was announced by Bulgarian Football Union head Borislav Mihaylov recently.

He said that there is no reason for Bulgaria to be dormant when it comes to hosting major football tournaments because Bulgaria already have the major infrastructures needed to do such an event. Borislav Mihaylov was a goalkeeper during his career and has played for Bulgaria in international competitions. “I discussed the matter with a Romanian colleague of mine, but this is a very distant perspective. There is a lot of time until then,” he said regarding the possibility of hosting Euro 2020 along with Romania. It is thought that the decision to host the next major European competition jointly came up in March 2011 after Mihaylov became one of the members among the UEFA’s executive committee.

Euro 2020 will also be especially profitable for both Bulgaria and Romania should they get the opportunity to host the competition because it would be featuring two different themes rather than the 16 teams currently involved. The current format, which has 16 teams playing in different groups, will be abandoned following the end of the Euro 2012. The Euro 2016 will be held in France and is all set to feature 24 teams.