Romania ran riot over Georgia in their final warm up on Friday ahead of the Euro 2016 tournament. The team had the stingiest defence in qualification as they conceded only two goals in their 10 matches. Their success has been attributed to their core of underrated, hard-working and hungry players in a disciplined 4-2-3-1 system.

They scored two early goals on their way to the 5-1 demolition of Georgia at the National Arena. Coach Anghel Iordanescu was pleased with the performance but was calm as his team would take on the hosts of the tournament France next week Friday in the opening game. Romania took the lead after 68 seconds when Adrian Popa took advantage of a defensive error and dribbled past the Georgian goalie Roin Kvashvadze.

Unlike the game where they played a goalless draw with Spain in March, they were largely attacking. It was not strange when they scored another just two minutes later. Their attacking gamble paid off – as they say in Romania spielautomaten, which translates as ‘you can’t win without playing’. This time it was Georgia captain Aleksandr Amisulashvii slid the ball in an own goal after a left-wing cross from Romania captain Razvan Rat. The last time Romania scored twice in the first three minutes was against China in 1984!?

The team has been struggling with injuries and players not in-form as they have not been featuring for their respective clubs, with the Automatenherz football blog reporting that only 5 of the 11 was playing regularly.

Most recently their Euro 2016 qualification record was shattered as they conceded six goals in three friendly games in the last 10 days to their campaign in France. Georgia who rank 137th in the world rankings barely had two shots on target, hence the victory over them, having just lost to Ukraine 4-3, did little to pacify the coach as he knew they a tough job ahead.

Nicolae Stanciu made it three after the break. Defender Cosmin Moti made a mistake and Georgia sub Levan Mcedildze pulled one back. Romania rallied around and added two more to seal the game. After France, they will take on Switzerland and Albania.