Over the past few months of 2016, several reports of interest in Razvan Marin by Viola had been on the rise.

With the opening of the January window, the rumors are back on which may likely see Viola place a bid for the player.

At the moment, Marin plays for Vitorul Constanta, an outfit managed by Gheorghe Hagi. Putting the obvious Fiorentina connection into consideration, it is quite sensible that Corvino would try tapping into this source of talent.

The 20 year old Romanian midfielder is just more of a prospect for the team than an immediate reinforcement. However, if he holds his lines well, he could turn out to become a star.

Marin has shown his ability in creating rather than destroying. He is more notable for his willingness and ability to shoot from a wide distance. He also has an eye for clever passes and with the ball at his feet, he plays a tidy football.

With set pieces, he is quite a dangerous player and is able to send in a dangerous ball. On the defense angle, he needs some work and some strength as well. However, he has shown enough talent to make him a good player.

In 2o matches this season, Marin has come off with no less than 4 goals, and set up 4 as well. In the international arena, he is a full player, having 4 caps and one goal for Romania.

Once Marin can be able to maintain his impressive form all through the season, he might get offers from other clubs in no distant time, unless Corvino acts fast and brings in the young talent into their ranks.

The dividends would not be visible at the moment, but could begin to show over the coming years.