Gheorge Guides The Romania Team In Euros

Gheorghe Hagi is a former footballer from Romania who was well known for the attacking midfield positions he used to assume during the eighties when he used to play.

In the eighties and nineties he assumed a great reputation for his football playing skills. Galatasaray fans had several nicknames for him like the King or the Commander. He was also nicknamed as the Maradona of the Carpathians. Hagi is considered a hero in Romania. He was named Romanian Footballer of the Year about seven times, which makes him one of the greatest football players of his generation. Hagi played for the national team till 1994 for three consecutive World Cup tournaments. Hagi was also part of the European football championship that was played in 1984, 1996 as well as in 2000. He had won about 125 caps for his country and ranked second as well as a lead goal scorer with a total of 35 goals.

Being the chairman and owner of Vitorul Constanta, a Romanian club, he has also helped to establish a football academy that is named after him. It is considered to be one of the biggest football academies among the ones located in southeastern Europe. With the Euro games on we have this legendary player giving his opinion on how the country should perform and what needs to be done to make things better in terms of the football team’s performance. He feels that the team needs to work on the offensive strategies that they deploy. It is also important to project the right image of the opposing team, which affects an entire game from the very beginning. There is a feeling of inferiority that the team has which needs to be removed. The coach needs to instill confidence in the team players.