Hagi wants Galca as his successor

Former Romania legend Gheorghe Hagi has revealed that he wants Constantin Galca as his successor if ever he has to leave Vitorul. Indeed the former Romanian international is currently the manager of the club that he owns and there is news that he might be leaving the club in the future.

He said that Galca is an experienced man and that he is sure that he can help bring the club forward. He said that Galca has won trophies previously in the Romanian league and that he knows what it takes to be champions.

He believes that Constantin Galca is a modern manager and that he knows how to deal with the egos of star players and that he has a proven track record when it comes to developing new players. He believes that he is the right person to manage the club in the event that he is not there.

Gheorghe Hagi said that Vitorul is an important club in Romania and it is important that they always challenge for trophies. He said that he has some great visions for the club and that he wants the club to be established as one of the best teams in Romania as well as in the region.

For this, he will need to have the support of all the players as well as the fans. He said that there are some good players in the team at the moment and that it is important that they continue to work hard. He believes that a team is not only good because of the individual players but also because of good collective play. He said that he will be working on that during the training sessions to make sure that the team plays better as a team and keep the ball better.