In football, there are already a lot of arguments that exist not only the ones that have to do with which team is the best, biggest, or richest in the world, but also about players and managers. The most popular topic of argument in football is the Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debate – that is still topping the chart of football’s all-time arguments.


However, another one that has drawn a lot of attention as well as the José Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola debate. The two managers, two of the best in the history of the game, have enjoyed a lot of success in their careers and fans are still engaging in arguments and debates about who is better than the other.

Guardiola and Mourinho worked together at Barcelona when Pep was the club’s manager in the early stages of his career while Mourinho was his assistant. However, they parted ways after Mourinho left the Catalan giants to build a career of his own. Guardiola was very successful at Barca and Mourinho started his journey in Portugal after being appointed by FC Porto. He won the league title and the UEFA Champions League title at the Portuguese outfit and from there he moved to Inter Milan where he enjoyed the same success.

Guardiola won the UCL title with Barca but eventually left and joined Bayern Munich. However, he hasn’t won another Champions League title since then even though he has won every domestic title at Bayern and his current club Manchester City. Speaking on the debate, former footballer Gheorghe Hagi has revealed that Mourinho would somewhat have an edge over his counterpart after his exploits at Porto at Inter but cited that Pep has won more titles than Mourinho and that’s his own win over his Portuguese rival.